If anyone thought that NFL players would back down after receiving negative feedback regarding their protest and kneeling during the National Anthem, they would be wrong.
Taking a knee during the National Anthem, that began with former San Francisco 49’er quarterback Colin Kaepernick, has spread throughout the league and across professional sports. It is constantly sparking a debate, from social media to television broadcasts.
The protest began to spark a discussion and ultimately a change regarding the treatment of races. While it has begun the debate, I do not believe it will end until a dramatic change has been made.
With the protest spreading to other sports, specifically Major League Baseball and most recently, the National Hockey League, it shows no sign of stopping. Though the protests in other sports have not reached the same level as it has in the NFL, any player action sparks controversy. President Trump has not addressed the situation in a way that might result in resolving the issues.
Sponsors have pulled their funding and television networks have restricted the viewing of NFL games until players stop protesting but they will not back down until the unfair and racist treatment of athletes and humans in general has been transformed.
Celebrities, former athletes, and members of the media have expressed their feelings for the protest, with most them being negative. Most recently, MLB announcer Vin Scully claimed he will never watch another NFL game because of players kneeling during the National Anthem.
While kneeling during the National Anthem, linking arms, or raising a fist, may not be the best way to spark a change, the players’ ideas have made their mark.
As of Sunday, November 5, NFL players requested a formal mediation with the NFL and a third legal party to discuss the underlying demands and concerns regarding the protests. The players requesting the mediation insist that Kaepernick be present as well as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.
If the NFL accepts the requests of the players, it would be plausible to think that compromises will be made and a decision may be reached by the end of the football season.

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