White Man Implies He’s Black to Win Election
Dave Wilson, a seemingly lifelong political candidate, recently won an election for a seat on the Houston Community College Board of Trustees in Texas. Wilson’s win, however, did not come without controversy. In order to win in a predominantly black voting district, Wilson, a white man, had flyers made and distributed that strongly implied that he was black.
Previously known as an outspoken Republican with a strong anti-gay stance, Wilson’s flyers depicted stock images of smiling black families and the quote “Vote For Our Friend and Neighbor Dave Wilson.” Wilson also claimed to be endorsed by Ron Wilson, a name familiar to voters as a popular black former state representative. However, Wilson was actually endorsed by his cousin Ron, who lives over 900 miles away in Iowa.
Wilson’s win officially outs 24-year incumbent Brian Astin, who called the political tactics “Disgusting.” While Astin, who is also a black man, have announced his plans to pursue a recount, it is theorized that in today’s age of electronic voting, Dave Wilson’s shady victory will stand.
Baldwin Stalker Testifies
Genevieve Sabourin, a Canadian actress on trial for allegedly stalking Alec Baldwin, had an opportunity to take the stand in her trial on Wednesday Nov. 13.
Sabourin had previously been found in contempt for repeated outbursts during Baldwin’s testimony, which saw him tearfully express fear for his life. In her testimony, she described a years-long affair with the actor that was only stopped when Baldwin married his current wife, Hilaria.
While on the stand, Sabourin repeatedly complimented Baldwin on his charming nature while describing a relationship she claims began in 2011 with Baldwin taking her for a night on Broadway before whisking her away to a hotel room where he promised to make omelets for her every morning. Upon sharing this information, Sabourin broke down on the stand, claiming that no one understands the love she shares with the “30 Rock” star.
Sabourin went on to testify that Baldwin supplied her with an e-mail address and the two continued their affair in cyberspace where Sabourin “gave her heart and soul to him.” Copies of some of Sabourin’s e-mails, featuring claims of being 10-minutes away from Baldwin and Sabourin’s marriage proposals, have already been obtained by the likes of CNN.
The two actors worked together on the 2002 comedy “The Adventures of Pluto Nash.” Baldwin refused to comment on the situation to the press, while Sabourin has eagerly gone on record stating that “I’m not gonna take a reduced plea for a crime I have not committed.”

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