Every year on Feb. 14, there is a holiday that is beloved by hundreds of thousands of couples.

This day, of course, is Valentine’s Day. This is the day where where couples show their love for each other with cards, candy, flowers, dates and maybe even a giant stuffed animal. However, this holiday is completely different for a lot of men.

As a man who has been involved in plenty of relationships, I can honestly say there is a lot at stake for men on Valentine’s Day. There is this underlying pressure to plan the perfect date, get the perfect gift, and make your female counterpart as happy as you can. Now, this is not to say that women do not try or put effort into their part of the holiday. But I think we all have become accustomed to the notion that the man is expected to do anything and everything to impress his girl. And for some men, that can add up to a tremendous amount of pressure. With that being said, there are plenty of guys out there that live to show their significant other the love in their heart, and have no issue with it.

So, as a male, do I think Valentine’s Day is a waste of time? Not at all. I think everyone likes to have a day where they feel a little bit more special than any other day; it’s human nature. If it takes a little extra effort to show your counterpart how much they mean to you, while making them happy, then I personally think it can be worth dealing with the pressures.

So hopefully each and every one of you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day, and of course, get your extra dosage of chocolate—even if you end up getting it all half off the day after!

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