Prospective students from all over took the opportunity to attend UWA’s Fall Preview Day on Saturday, Nov. 9. This day gives many students a chance to take their first steps in discovering what student life is like at The University of West Alabama. Students were able to talk one-on-one with school staff and current UWA students at an informational set-up at Pruitt gym, which gave much insight to the many different organizations, majors, programs, and fraternities/sororities from around campus. Two excited students had great things to say about UWA. One of many of the prospective students, Josh Starling, said, “The main attraction for me would be that they are very accommodating to transfer students, so I can come here for two to three years to finish my degree.” Another student, Chelsea Fomby, adds that she is interested in nursing and possibly trying out for softball. She also says that seeing the sorotities was the most interesting thing to her about Preview Day.

For the many organizations attending Preview Day, this is an awesome way to spread the word about them and what their organizations are all about. Nicole Siggers, representative for Alpha Sigma Tau (AST), stated that: “The event has been wonderful! There were so many people here, more than I expected, that seem to really want to come to UWA. We have had a lot of girls to come up and ask about us. They ask really good questions… I feel really good about telling them and hopefully they’ll really want to come to UWA.”

After visiting with campus staff and students at UWA, UWA’s prospects have the chance to see various places around campus. They tour the inside of Gilbert Hall and take the time to see several historical buildings on campus, such as Webb Hall, the Julia S. Tutwiler Library, and Wallace Hall. After the tour portion concluded, they treated themselves to other events, such as the Tiger Walk, tailgating, and the University of West Alabama’s football game against Shorter.

Tierra Robinson, 2012-2013 Miss UWA, observed, “Today has been very crazy. It has been one of the most packed preview days we have had in the last couple of years or semesters. There are a lot of great kids that seem to be really interested in the school. I can’t wait to see if they decide to come here or not!”

Thanks to UWA organizations, staff, and students, Fall Preview Day successfully informed and motivated potential students stepping into “Tigerland” for the first time.

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