The Wesley Foundation has declared “Coloring with Kids” to be their signature mission for 2013. Once a month, each student involved with the Wesley Foundation will color with a small child for thirty minutes. The first group of kids that took part in the activity were students of Livingston Elementary. There were 18 elementary students and 13 college students present for the inaugural event.

Not only is the mission helping the children, who seldom get an uninterrupted thirty minutes devoted to them, but the older students are benefiting as well. It helps the students relax and take a break from stressful college life.

At the end of the thirty minutes, the children get to take home a new coloring book and box of crayons, all of which have been donated by generous community members. The goal for the mission is to share God’s love with the children.

The Wesley Foundation also collected 830 food items for the Sumter County DHR, another mission for 2013. Both missions, as well as several others, were placed up for vote during a Bible study, and these two were chosen. The Wesley Foundation’s activities include a six o’clock Bible study, dinner on Monday evening and a movie night every Thursday night at eight o’clock.

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