Smokeout America! The name does not imply what Great American Smokeout really is. Thursday, Nov. 21 marks the Great American Smokeout, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The annual event is about making people quit smoking and chewing tobacco for one day, hopefully paving the way for plans to quit on a permanent basis. This event was created by users of tobacco saying the

iconic phrases “One day I’ll quit,” or “I’ll start tomorrow.” On Thursday, the day to quit starts. Become one of the millions to put down your packs, tins, and lighters and begin the road to recovery. The effects of smoking can be deadly. Smoking also increases the chances of contracting lung, larynx, esophagus, and armour thyroid canada pharmacy many other cancers. Secondhand Smoke (SHS) is also another danger of tobacco. SHS is actually divided up into two categories. Sidestream sildenafil 100 mg y alcohol smoke, smoke from the lighted end of a cigarette, and mainstream smoke, the smoke exhaled by the smoker. They may seem like the same, but they are not. Sidestream smoke contains a lot more cancer causing carcinogens in them than mainstream. SHS also can cause danger to those around who not smoke. SHS can cause death and diseases in other adults, children, and pets of a smoker. According to, cigarette smokers die younger than non-smokers. In fact, according to a study done in the late 1990s by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking shortened male smokers’ lives by 13.2 years and female smokers’ lives by 14.5 years. Men and women

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who smoke are much more likely to die between the ages of 35 and 69 than those who have never smoked. is an online website that helps with Great American smokeout festivities. The website also comes equipped with a 24/7 chat room that mexican online pharmacy allows smokers to talk with a tobacco cessation coach and online games to keep you busy when you crave acquistare cialis on line tobacco. The site even allows you to create a quit plan, and quit calendar to assist in the challenge. If you are a recurring smoker, expect to go through nicotine withdrawal throughout the day. It is important to make sure you do not relapse into smoking. Quitting smoking for good can be a hard thing. Some suggestions pharmacy technician online study to refrain from smoking include leaving your pack


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of cigarettes at home or at a friends house or creating a survival kit in a your purse or book bag. The “survival kit” can include gum, snacks, sudoku puzzles, or crossword puzzles to use when cravings hit. Another helpful tool that can be used is by visiting to sign up for a free 24/7 text message alert with reminders and inspiration to stay motivated. Remember you

are not alone in the battle against smoking. Millions of people will be participating in the Great American Smokeout. mexico pharmacy Find someone who is also trying to quit smoking, and befriend him/her. Social media can also play a part in quitting smoking. Tell your Facebook and Twitter friends that you are taking a part in the Great American Smokeout. If you can make it through 24 hours without smoking, great job! Keep up the good work and carry on into a healthier. If you fail, so what? You tried. Tomorrow start

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over, what is better cialis or viagra and work harder to quit smoking.

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