Amanda and Dawson were inseparable when they were seventeen. They thought they would be together forever, and that nothing could tear them apart, but Amanda was a rich girl who had a reputation to maintain and Dawson was the complete opposite with a last name that carried a bad reputation in the town of Oriental.

Amanda didn’t care what anyone thought of Dawson. She knew he loved her and would do anything for her. Which is why he had to let her go when Amanda had to choose between Dawson and School. So Amanda chose school, and after a bad accident that killed the town’s doctor, Dawson was sent to Prison.

Twenty – four years later, Dawson was working on an oil rig in Louisiana when one day an explosion occurred sending him into the water almost dying. However he was saved by a strange dark – haired man that Dawson didn’t know nor did he ever meet him.

Soon after the explosion Dawson received a phone call that his dear friend and Father like figure Tuck had passed away and Dawson needed to return to Oriental on Tuck’s request. When Dawson arrived at Tuck’s house, there she was standing outside. Amanda. After twenty – four years he couldn’t believe she was there. Amanda felt the same way about Dawson. Eventually they figured out that Tuck had asked the both of them to meet this weekend after he died. The two of them exchanged hellos and took the time that day to catch up on the years they had missed out on as Amanda explained that she had graduated from college, gotten married and had children. But her husband was an alcoholic and she was unhappy with where her life had ended up.

Amanda and Dawson spent the weekend together, meeting with an attorney and receiving items that Tuck had left for them including letters Tuck had wrote to each of them and one he’d wrote for the both of them to read together along with his ashes. Tuck wanted his ashes spread with his wife’s ashes in the wild flowers of the garden he planted outside the cottage he built for her when they were younger. Dawson and Amanda granted Tuck’s wish and drove to the cottage that weekend to spread his ashes. Little did they know they would rekindle an old flame. Neither of them could control the feelings coming back to them as they spent the night together in the cottage. However, Dawson and Amanda had to return to the real world the next day. Amanda thought about leaving her husband for Dawson thinking they could make it this time, but she couldn’t do that to her children. Amanda told Dawson she loved him and she left without turning back.

Dawson on the other hand, ran into some trouble with his crazy cousins Ted and Abee Cole as he tried to leave town as quickly as possible when the weekend was over. Ted had wanted to kill Dawson as soon as he heard Dawson was back in town. Before he left, Dawson had once again spotted the strange dark – haired man that saved his life that day on the oil rig. He decided to chase the strange man into town, but the man only led Dawson to a bar. It turns out Dawson walked in on his crazy cousins Ted and Abee beating an innocent guy in the bar. When Ted realized it was it was Dawson who walked in, Ted tried to shoot him. Instead, Dawson fought off both Ted and Abby and tried to help the innocent guy out of the bar. But Ted was still conscious enough to reach for the gun. Ted ended up shooting Dawson in the back of his head.

As Amanda was on her way home she got a call from her son saying he’d been in a car accident and they were headed to the hospital but that was all that Amanda could get out of her son before the call was cut off. When she arrived at the hospital, she found out her son needed a new heart within twenty – four hours or he was going to die. Luckily the doctors had found a heart and were able to do the surgery. However, while Amanda was waiting on her son to wake up, she received a call from the attorney that she and Dawson had met with that weekend. He unfortunately had to tell her over the phone that Dawson had died from being shot in the head. Amanda immediately burst into tears wondering how this weekend ended the way it did. Her son finally woke up and was able to recover and live pretty much a normal life like he used to. Later to find out that it had been Dawson’s heart that was used to save her son. It was then that Amanda finally believed Dawson when he had said “I have given you the best of me.”

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