Some of the best memories in any person’s childhood are from the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a holiday that I have always enjoyed. In fact, one of my best memories involves the November holiday. Thanksgiving is always a holiday that involves a lot of preparation, and clean up. More importantly, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is always filled with fun. The fall of 2009 was the best Thanksgiving memory that I have ever had.

In November of 2009, I was a senior at Lewisville High School in Lewisville, Texas. I could not wait until the Thanksgiving break. When it finally arrived, the joy I had could not be described. That Friday, I began to clean my home from top to bottom until everything was spotless. The glass mirrors squeaked at each stroke I made in cleaning off the dust and dirt. The garbage began to smell and topple over onto the ground as I threw away anything and everything that didn’t belong to me or wasn’t in its proper place. I vacuumed my room, the living room, and the guest room until nothing was left to be sucked up. The constant noise of the vacuum became a comfort to me as I cleaned throughout the day. Although cleaning has never been one of my favorite tasks, on this day I did it with the same joy a child has on their first visit to the zoo because I knew that by the time I finished, I would soon see the faces of my family members that were traveling to Texas for Thanksgiving.

For years, my extended family from Alabama would always come to Texas for Thanksgiving. The family members that would travel usually would be my grandmother, aunt, uncle, three cousins and the matriarch of my family who we affectionately called “Auntie”. I remember how my Alabamian family members disembarked from the fifteen passenger van they rented to make the journey to Texas in. My grandmother exited the van in her housecoat and fuzzy black slippers that she had purchased the previous year at the local hair supply store. My uncle got out of the driver’s seat wearing his cowboy hat, faded purple sOmega Psi Phi shirt and patched Levi’s blue jeans. My cousins, varying in age from 20 to 35, were all dressed fashionably for the time, and Auntie exited the van in an attire that made me think of Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus. I remember the happiness I felt as I helped them unload their luggage because I knew that my Thanksgiving fun was about to begin.

The morning after my family members arrived, I awoke for Thanksgiving. The smell of freshly baked biscuits and crispy bacon and hash browns greeted my nose as I began to stir. I instantly rose and ran to the living room to turn on the television for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. My cousins and I all gathered in front of the television as if we were all ten years old again. We eventually left the television to go eat breakfast just as Santa Claus ended the parade. The plates scraped and shifted as we all went from dish to dish eating and devouring everything in our path.

The best part of my best Thanksgiving memory is, of course, the Thanksgiving dinner. The smell of the freshly cooked collard greens, macaroni and cheese, ham, smoked turkey, sweet potatoes, rolls, lima beans, blackeye peas, peach cobbler, and pies filled the house. Everyone and everything was perfect. The hypnotizing scents and fragrances wandered throughout the kitchen to the rest of the house from the living room to the guest room and even to the bathroom. Every person was in the best of moods-whether they were happy about the food they were about to ingest or the football bowl games being broadcast. My uncle was dancing around the house in his same patched jeans and cowboy hat. With each move he made, he reminded me of a monkey. As we began to eat the food, the house began to get quiet. The only sound you heard was the chewing of food and the clanging of forks on plates. Eventually, we all devoured the desert from  top to bottom.

As we began to settle down, I felt completely content because I was filled with food and happiness. That Thanksgiving Day became one that I will always remember, which is why it is the best Thanksgiving memory I have.

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