It’s 7:45 a.m. when you finally roll out of bed to slink across the room and turn the alarm off. That is when the feeling of sheer terror arises as you remember a test is about to take place in your 8:00 a.m. British Literature class, and you have yet to read, or even glimpse at, the work of study that will be covered. Dragging your feet out the door and across campus, you begin your walk to class—or utter doom, as it may seem. This is a feeling that almost everyone has experienced within their college campaign and is one that can be easily avoided with a few simple tips that can be just as trusty as a calculator on a calculus test.

First, a good night’s rest and a wholesome breakfast are in order. Not being prepared for a test is a terrible experience, but being exhausted and feeling like a zombie from a lack of rest and terrible nutrition is even worse.

Second, do the reading assigned. Reading is fundamental, whether you have to study a few cell structures, memorize some math formulas or conquer Paradise Lost. If you fail to go over the readings assigned by the teacher, then it makes it near impossible to understand the subject matter during in-class discussion.

Lastly and most importantly, going to class can truly make a world’s difference come test day. When a student shows up to every class and participates in the lectures that take place within, the professor will find it difficult to believe you are a typical student.

Honest efforts to participate and show up where others have failed shows the professor that you care about his or her class and will lead them to show compassion come test day.

This is a new school year that has the potential to be the best yet for every Tiger on campus. With these easy steps and a strong effort, success is just a paw print away.



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