In an e-mail interview with PAWS mentor Cameron Conner, he shared some helpful study tips for students. The first thing Conner mentioned was to “let go of [your]…main distraction, your cellphone. Tell your friends you’re about to study then put your phone on silent and away from you”. This is a tried and true trick since Conner also writes, “It usually works for me if I am having problems procrastinating”.

He also suggests listening to calming music, and while Conner recognizes that that may not be for everyone, it certainly isn’t limited to calming music. Any music, as long as it doesn’t distract you, is acceptable to study to. It is also worth mentioning that students may receive help from the Math Lab and the Writing Lab if needed.

Conner points out that studying isn’t simply limited to your room. He writes “If you feel like you aren’t getting anything accomplished in your room, I recommend trying to find a quiet, secluded area around campus to study, such as the library”.

Conner also goes on to explain the PAWS Academic Success Program, which is also a huge help for freshmen. He describes it as “a new program made to try to keep the freshmen retention rate up”. While explaining the programs importance, Conner goes on to write, “it’s difficult as a freshman to get used to studying and making friends even, and a lot of people don’t make it to their 2nd semester of college because of grades or financial aid issues”.

Both Markeisha Grant and Cameron Conner are involved in the program in order to help freshmen with any problems they may have, such as difficulties with social or academic situations.

Last semester, the PAWS Program involved “having group discussions and study halls with [their] mentees…”. Conner believes that the program has fulfilled its purpose. He writes, “…I believe that the majority of them benefit from [the group discussions and study halls]. I also believe that our program is going to bring our mentees together as friends that could help them with the unified goal of staying in college and graduating with a degree”.

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