The University of West Alabama Student Government Association (SGA) collected over 2,500 canned goods in the Homecoming canned-good drive. This abundant supply of canned goods will be donated to the Sumter County DHR pantry for Thanksgiving. This year, instead of the usual three-cans-per-person goal, the SGA pursued a more ambition number. For every four cans that were donated, a free homecoming t-shirt was given. The UWA students stepped up and accepted the challenge.


“I was very pleased with the turnout. Over 2,500 cans were collected and donated to the local DHR, which was double the amount from last year’s drive. We had several students come up to us and compliment the drive. There were even some students who donated more than the required number of cans for a shirt. It was awesome to see students get involved while supporting UWA at the same time,” said Hayley Taylor, SGA Secretary.

The canned good drive also served as a cheaper way for students to receive homecoming t-shirts.

“I was excited about getting to donate this year because I always missed out on donating and the free t-shirt was a plus,” said Mitchell Croxton, senior. The can good drive started as a friendly competition against UWA’s rival, the University of North Alabama (UNA); whatever school collected the most cans won a trophy and bragging rights for the year. UNA dropped out of the competition and UWA made the drive a part of its homecoming tradition.

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