Thursday, Oct. 17, marked the day of the second annual International Cultural Festival. Those who attended experienced food and entertainment from a multitude of countries. For each country represented at the festival, students of that nationality worked hard to bring their culture to the rest of UWA.

Preparation for this event began weeks in advance. Crucial parts of the preparation for the festival included advertising, ticket sales and recruiting talent. A chef from the University of Alabama played a huge role in cooking for the evening.


All revenue from the International Cultural Festival is used by the Enactus organization for investments in their many community service projects. Enactus’s projects include a financial literacy workshop for the Freshmen Seminar course, Computer 101 classes for local women wishing to increase their computer skills and mentoring nearby female small business owners on several business topics.

Enactus is also involved in Junior Achievement, which takes place at Livingston Junior High School during the spring. Junior achievement is a community garden for those participating in Junior Achievement, as well as UWA students and the entire community.

The idea for the festival was first presented last year by Angy Cuellar Nash, and previous Enactus member from Columbia. She and Amber Walker, the past president of Enactus, brought together a team of Enactus members to make the event possible, all of whom put in much effort in order to do so. Thanks to Amber’s guidance, this year’s International Cultural Festival was even better.


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