The Julia Tutwiler Library is currently in possession of 48 plays that have won the Pulitzer Prize. This was discovered during the library’s recent analysis of its drama collection.

The goal of the analysis was to determine the value of the collection and the results were outstanding. The library currently has a display case full of award-winning plays in the entryway alongside quotes from notable playwrights and a listing of where to locate the award winning plays in the library.

The collection of plays in the library’s ownership has been growing since the 1920s. Several librarians over the years have read reviews to keep themselves well-informed so that they could purchase quality plays. This method is still used today. The library currently sets aside funds that are used to purchase Pulitzer Prize-winning books every month. The funds are split between the genres of history, literature, and drama. Mr. Joe Musso, a former faculty member, has donated hundred of contemporary plays in honor of Mr. Charles Loveless, a beloved professor of English Literature who passed away in 2005.

The Tutwiler Library currently has several plays that are nearly 100 years old. The library also actively collects the annual series of “Best American Plays” and has been since 1926.

In addition to the classics, first editions of nearly all modern playwrights can be found in the University’s growing library.

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