The University of West Alabama’s annual Poetry at the Lake event was held Wednesday, Oct.  16. This year’s gathering included poetry and fiction readings from students, professors and other members of the community.  There are only two crucial rules to the proceedings: a person cannot read their own work and the pieces cannot last longer than five minutes.

Poetry at the Lake kept up the same quality that it has had in the past. The long running tradition continued to make all the attendees satisfied with the experience. Even though the rain poured down on the roof of the pavilion where the event was hosted, it did not damper the spirits of the eager listeners as they were captivated by the readers. Also, there were plenty of food and drinks to go around for everyone.

At the end of the event, a special award was given to Dr. Joe Taylor, the professor responsible for putting Poetry at the Lake together each year. Dr. Taylor was presented with a wooden chunk with the word “AND” carved into it. This represented how thankful the community was for what has gone on to become a fixture in the area and how much it appreciated Dr. Taylor’s hard work organizing the event. Everyone hopes that he will continue to organize this amazing event every year.

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