The new Rec Center saw its grand opening to UWA students on Nov. 7. It serves as another stand-alone building for intramurals. It will also be used as a rain location for outdoor events if need be. The Rec Center is currently in use by multiple different organizations. The soccer teams have three offices and two locker rooms in the facility. Physcial Education has two classrooms, an instructor’s office, and a lab.


The gym will serve several purposes. It will be used for intramural games, such as volleyball and basketball. Practices, for things such as cheerleading and basketball, will also be held in the gym. Also, any time that the schedule permits, the gym will be used for open recreation. The Rec Center also houses a game room, which features a ping pong table and two pool tables.

The hours for the Rec Center change each week, and students are notified by email of the week’s schedule. However, the Department of Student Life has hopes that the schedule will soon be broadcasted on a website. The website should prove to be more efficient, as well as convenient, for those wishing to utilize the Rec Center.

The Rec Center was renovated from Livingston High School’s gym. It was acquired for the purpose of a new Rec Center. The gym was under construction for a year and a half. Dr. Holland and the physical plant led a committee, which was in charge of creating the student-friendly environment that the Rec Center now has. The committee focused on what layout for the building would benefit students the most. They also focused on ways to utilize the basic structure of the building.


The goal of the Rec Center was for students to have another way to workout and relieve stress amidst their busy schedules. Jason Gardner, Director of Student Activities and committee member for the Rec Center expresses this goal by saying, “We are very excited to open a facility that our students can use on a daily basis. We hope students will utilize it for both workouts and stress relievers. Playing basketball and volleyball are great activities to do both.”

Based on the past week and a half, it seems as if that goal is now a reality. The Rec Center has seen 514 UWA students utilize its facilities, the most popular day being Sunday, with 86 visiters. These numbers serve as proof for the necessity of the Rec Center.

The new Rec Center has been proven to be a complete transformation of the old building. Students who have played in the gym during their high school years, and those on the committee who were able to view the original layout, agree that the Rec Center is completely different.


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