The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Services office at The University of West Alabama helps many students on campus by providing a variety of services and resources.

Shannon Edmonds

Shannon Edmonds serves as UWA’s new ADA Services coordinator. She is pictured outside Foust 7, the location of UWA’s ADA Services office.

Shannon Edmonds, UWA’s new ADA Services Coordinator, helps students receive the correct accommodations and process the paperwork required to receive accommodations.

“Today, there are more students with disabilities enrolled in college than ever before,” Edmonds said. “It is the goal of the UWA ADA Office to address the needs of students with disabilities and to encourage and advocate on their behalf so they may become the best student that they can possibly be and experience a positive college career here at UWA.”

ADA Services grants accommodations to students who have approved documentation. According to the UWA ADA Services webpage, examples of accommodations offered are adapted testing arrangements, extended time on tests, distraction-free environments and assistance with alternate forms of textbooks. To be approved for ADA accommodations, students must meet certain predetermined criteria related to their medical history.

Disabilities that are accommodated, once approved by the office, include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders, communications disorders, head injuries, hearing impairments, learning disorders, physical or medical disabilities, psychiatric disorders and visual impairments, among others.

Students that need classroom accommodations have many responsibilities to ensure they receive the proper plan of action. Students must request a notification letter to professors, then plan and schedule their accommodations by communicating with professors and the ADA Services Office.

UWA students that are approved at ADA Services also have an option for housing accommodations with the correct documentation. To find out more information on housing accommodations contact

Students are encouraged to contact the ADA Services Office prior to the start of the semester to ensure the notification letters will be ready for the students at the start of the semester.

The ADA Services Office is located in Foust Hall 7. Contact Shannon Edmonds at or (205) 652-3651 to schedule an appointment and to complete the required forms for accommodations.

If you have any questions regarding documentation guidelines contact Dr. Debbie Rose, or visit the UWA ADA Services website.

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