Homecoming week 2013 has been full of activities and parties, all with the intention of celebrating the university’s student body and welcoming alumni back for a visit. During this week, a bonfire was hosted around the intramural fields in which the Scarlet Band from Tiger Land and the UWA cheerleaders performed a pep rally while the fire began to blaze against the night sky. After the fire was well underway, the lights that lit the field were turned off and the firework show began. That show lasted for around 15 minutes, after which the crowds walked through clouds of firework smoke in order to get to their cars or make their way back to their dorms.

Friday, Oct. 25th, a short interview with the band director, Glenn Smith, and assistant band director, Adam Anderson, shed some light on the history of the Scarlet Band from Tiger Land. When asked about the state of the Scarlet Band, Glenn Smith replied, “The band that I inherited was eight members in total and in the span of 12 years it has gone from eight to 180.” Later Glenn stated that, “Many of the dorms and facilities were not here. They just weren’t prevalent at the time.” Gilbert Hall and the newly purchased high school across from Bibb Graves were the facilities and dorms Glenn spoke of. “Due to people like Danny Buckalew and those on the Board of Trustees the college has grown, along with the quality and number of the student body.” stated Glenn.

Adam Anderson answered a few questions on the future of the band. When asked how many students the band was willing to have at one time Adam stated, “We’re going to level off between 215 to 220 members and continue to do what we’ve been doing.” When asked about the traditions of the Scarlet band Adam searched his memory and found only one tradition. “The UWA Catalyst Drumline has an alumni drum that has been here since the late 60s and early 70s. The only time that the drum is taken from its secure location is during homecoming week.” While the Scarlet Band from Tiger Land doesn’t have many traditions, there is one that has been the same since the founding of this school. “The depth of love that this band has for its team is something that I just can’t describe. We’re here to scream and hoot and holler. It’s our job and we’ll keep doing it.” stated Adam.

The annual Homecoming parade was held in downtown Livingston on Saturday, Oct. 26th, at 1:30. The parade stretched about a mile and through 4 city blocks. Along with the Scarlet Band from Tiger Land, 7 different area high schools supplied 300-325 additional band members to march in the parade. As band members began to congregate on the field between Bibb Graves Hall and the construction yard, it became painfully obvious that this parade would be warmer than originally expected. The air was cool but the sun beat down on the many students in uniform that were warming up, awaiting the start of the parade. By the end of the parade many of the band members looked as if they were experiencing flashbacks to the notorious heat experienced earlier in the season.

After the parade, the Scarlet Band had a short break before they reassembled in front of Tiger Stadium and performed in the traditional Tiger Walk. As the last note rang out from the Scarlet Band, they dispersed for an hour before meeting back up and performing in a pep rally before the gates opened to the public. Upon the completion of the pep rally the band filed into the stadium and immediately started preparing for the pregame show. This show was different than the normal show. This one was actually the original half-time show. With this game being the homecoming game the original half-time show was replaced by the Homecoming Court. After the pregame show the band ran off of the field and filled the section of bleachers assigned to them and the game, shortly thereafter, began.

A well played victory was achieved by the UWA Tigers and the team’s record is now seven wins with two loses. This season is turning out to be a great season for the Tigers and the play-offs are an almost certainty and rumors of the national championship are starting to spread. All in all this season is shaping up to be a victorious season for the Tigers.

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