After the homecoming parade tiger students, alumni and fans gathered in front of Tiger Stadium to cheer on the football team for the annual Tiger Walk held before every home game. Tiger Walk typically last no more than five minutes and is in the middle of campus, which makes it is easy for students and faculty to attend.

Student Perry Dunkling was in the homecoming spirit as she cheered for her fellow classmates before the game. “It’s great to see my classmates succeed and I enjoy supporting them in every way I can. Tiger walk is literally five minutes. It’s always entertaining to hear the band and feel the hype and spirit from the fans.”

Cathy Trimble, an alumni for the class of ’84, was present for the homecoming tiger walk and enjoyed reminiscing her college days. Trimble was a volleyball player for UWA and is now a Principle at Francis Marian.

“So far it has been great.” Trimble said. “My husband, a Phi Beta Sigma, and came in on Friday, We sacrificed a day of watching football on television, but we couldn’t wait to get here. We love it! We plan on coming back next year. The University has done a wonderful job building physically and academically and were are proud of what’s become of this university. It’s phenomenal.”

Be sure to attend the next Tiger Walk in support of our West Alabama Tigers.

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