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The Greatest Showman came to the University Cinema this past week, and it did not disappoint. Hugh Jackman took over the musical screen once again–with his last musical being Les Miserables–alongside the popular Disney actors Zac Efron and Zendaya.

The movie, based on a true story, follows the life of circus entrepreneur P.T. Barnum. The businessman, who after making risky investments and faces many trials, eventually forms the first traveling circus. The name circus was meant as a derogatory term given to the museum by a harsh critic who believes that Barnum is a con-man.

Along the way, the audience sees characters based off of real circus acts like Tattoo Man, the Siamese Twins, the Bearded Lady and many more.

Because of the strange people Barnum gathers to be a part of the circus, many townspeople become angry that the “freaks” are invading their town and are determined to have the circus shut down.

The choreography of this movie was phenomenal and many of the crazy things that are seen in the movie were done by the actors themselves. The cinematography also played a wild part in The Greatest Showman, with one impressive scene having everything around the Bearded Lady in slow motion, but her singing in real time.

Many people hyped up this movie, and I was worried that it was due to the famous cast and not the film itself. Though this movie is a musical, if you take away the amazing soundtrack (and I do mean amazing, I haven’t stopped listening to it), you would still be left with a wonderful story. There is nothing about this moving that I didn’t like, so overall, I give this movie a ten out of ten…yes, it was honestly that good.

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