On Wednesday, Oct. 16, those who are enrolled in a Freshmen Seminar course enjoyed a meal and theatrical performance for their Freshmen Dinner. The entertainment for the night was The Bay City Brass Band. The evening’s performance included songs ranging from classic hits to traditional Gospel. The Bay City Brass Band has been performing at the Bay Fest since 2000. They have also played at the Street Strut Parade and the W.C. Handy Music Festival for several years.

The purpose of the Freshmen Dinner is to add theater and dining etiquette to the Freshmen Seminar. To prepare for the event, each instructor discussed with his or her class the expectations for the night, such as proper dress attire and the absence of cell phones.

To commemorate the event, Dr. Holland came to each class and spoke to them. He made a point to learn the names and majors of each student, as well as where they were from and what they saw themselves doing in 10 years.

The dinner took place in the Bell Conference Center, and the entertainment was in the Bibb Graves Auditorium. Before the event, all attendees gathered in front of Webb Hall to take a picture.

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