Livingston Alive hopes to bring new businesses to the downtown area. Photo by Cat Thompson

The results of a poll distributed by the UWA Student Government Association last semester have sparked a revitalization project for downtown Livingston.

“Livingston Alive,” a campaign developed to bring life to the downtown area, was started by Livingston native David Hawley as well as other residents, faculty and students in response to the poll.

“I believe we are either moving forward or falling behind—there is no neutral,” Hawley said. “Thankfully, a number of others in our community had the same feelings as I did. We all have bought into the vision of what our city could become with just a little hard work from a unified, diverse group of people.”

The “Livingston Alive” group recognized that the City of Livingston does not have a central gathering place for students, faculty, and staff like those found in other college towns.

“The University is the greatest asset our community has,” Hawley said. “If we can create that ‘sense of place’ for the UWA community, the University as well as the entire community will benefit.”

Hawley hopes to get more food and drink businesses, as well as entertainment, in the downtown area. Hints were dropped that there are several new businesses coming—or interested in—the downtown area. Hawley couldn’t disclose the names of the businesses just yet.

The tagline for the campaign is “Be the Spark,” reflecting the energy needed to make the project a success.

“UWA is growing, and we want the vibrancy and charm of the downtown region to be a selling point for the University,” Hawley said. “We hope our effort will light a fire in the community to believe in and invest not only in the downtown region, but the city as a whole.”

There are five different committees that make up “Livingston Alive,” which are open for the community to be a part of: promotional, design, funding/organizational, events, and recruitment.

For anyone interested in being a part of “Livingston Alive,” email David Hawley at

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