One of the newest additions to the UWA campus is the recently renovated Young Hall Cafeteria. Before the renovations, the cafeteria struggled to hold the university’s quickly expanding population of students. Often there would be a shortage of seats and no way to prepare enough food for everyone.

However, the renovations have now doubled the overall size of the cafeteria, allowing more people to be able to eat in the facility. This new size also allows for new seating choices. The cafeteria now includes: spacious booths, a bar area with barstools, and a seating area with comfy couches for people that need to have a nice seat when studying.

The food shortage dilemma has been solved with the addition of different stations with nutritional facts for the featured foods. A favorite among students is the Mongolian Grill that prepares numerous dishes from around the world. Also the cafeteria now has a comfort food station that offers home-style southern food for students, since everyone needs a taste of home every now and again. Additionally, extra vegan food choices have been included for students.

Not only has the size, seating and food changed, but the Caf’s interior has been remodeled as well. The cafeteria’s walls are brightly colored and it now has large bay windows to let more natural light inside. The huge difference in artificial lighting adds some much needed charm to eating a meal.

Overall the entire experience of eating in the Caf has improved because of the new renovations.

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