It has been proven before that sometimes making a sequel to a classic comedy is a big mistake. While it did not quite live up to its predecessor nearly ten years ago, “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” gives a very good share of laughs to viewers.

The movie starts with Ron and his wife Veronica living in New York and co-anchoring the news. Veronica is given a promotion to take over the news while Ron is fired.

Ron’s life is only beginning to go down the drain. He leaves his wife because she would not quit the job and becomes an alcoholic working at SeaWorld.

Ron ends up getting an offer to join the Global News Network, the first ever 24/7 news network. Seeing this as a chance to get his life and his career back, he jumps on the offer and begins the search for his old news crew.

Some parts of the movie seem a bit dragged out and unnecessary with a pointless love interest for Steve Carell’s character. It also seems the movie tried too hard to be funny, and some of the jokes and scenes got old fast.

The movie has many big name actors that come together for a comical fight scene among news networks including Jim Carey, Will Smith and even Liam Neeson. However, this scene simply goes on too long.

Although sometimes the jokes can be looked at as cliché and some scenes unnecessary, the movie does have several funny scenes that will have you and your friends laughing.

Will Ferrell has always been a man of comedy and his role as Ron Burgundy fits his style perfectly. Overall the movie is successful in providing the humor, albeit not on the same level as its predecessor.

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