On Monday, Oct. 14, Dr. Alan Brown will be celebrating his latest publication with a book-signing in Moon Hall at 6:00 p.m. A perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit, “Haunted Big Bend, Florida” recounts some of the most bone-chilling tales of hauntings and otherworldy apparitions to be found on Florida’s “Forgotten Coast.” After the signing, Brown will turn the focus over to local scares when he leads a ghost tour here in Livingston.

Last October, Brown drove to the Big Bend area to continue his quest to explore and chronicle America’s haunted locales. While there, he visited haunting sites and museums, reasearched local literature on the subject, and even conducted interviews in a haunted bed & breakfast. The tales themselves are said to be just as frightening–if not quite as famous–as the state’s most beloved ghost stories, making their chronicling all the more imperitive. Not all of the stories are obsure gems, however; one tale notes the paranormal activity experienced at a Florida State University sorority house, where Ted Bundy, one of the most infamous and prolific serial killers in American history, murdered two women and assualted two more in the space of 15 minutes in 1978. During this reasearch period, Dr. Brown also photographed many of the sites himself, the product of which can be seen in the pages of “Haunted Big Bend.”

Upon returning from his trip, Brown was greeted with four months of writing everyday before completeing his manuscript. Each chapter is devoted to a single city in Big Bend, and each chapter is sub-divided into individual accounts of encounters with the other side. The finished volume is a welcome addition to Brown’s sizeable catalogue of 20+ published works.

Those interested in spooky hotspots that can be found withing walking distance of UWA’s campus will do well to stick around after the signing. At 7:00 p.m. that evening, the event will segue into Dr. Brown’s annual ghost tour. Just don’t stuff yourself too full of the free refreshments before going, or you might ruin a good pair of pants.

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