Known as the day of gifts, flowers, chocolate and fancy dinners, Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays across the United States with the participation of 62 percent of Americans. Little do people know, Valentine’s Day originated from an ancient Roman fertility festival held in the middle of February. According to, The Christian Church named it “St. Valentine’s” in order to Christianize the holiday. Regardless of its origin, Valentine’s Day has set incredibly high standards for almost all men in a relationship to shower their significant other with gifts and affection.

The real question is, what do women truly think about Valentine’s Day?

As a woman, my perspective of Valentine’s Day is just a fun day to celebrate the person you love. I do not think it is a waste of time because it truly makes you feel cherished. There is controversy about the holiday because most people think you should celebrate your love every day. However, what is so wrong with having one day to go the extra mile?

The thing is, most women do not actually expect their man to spend a lot of money or plan something extravagant. For instance, I would be completely fine with a sentimental handwritten note and spending quality time with my significant other. But even more so, I enjoy giving on Valentine’s Day. Since the man is usually the one that spends all the money, I look forward to making my boyfriend feel special with my handmade gifts and surprises. I want to make sure he feels loved and appreciated like he makes me feel on a daily basis. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to go all out for your man and shower him with gifts for a change.

To most women, I’d say Valentine’s Day is more about giving than receiving. Men feel like they have a huge responsibility, but in reality, women have more fun preparing gifts for them than receiving. So guys, keep that in mind when you are overly stressing about planning for the big day. Women are gliding happily through life not giving a thought to what we are receiving, but more so about all that we are giving. 🙂

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