Every state has its share of small towns that are filled with honest, God-fearing “country folk”. The same can be said for the small town of Second Samuel in Georgia. This was the setting for the play titled Second Samuel brought to The University of West Alabama by the Sumter County Fine Arts Council.

The play was performed on Thursday Sept. 12, 2013, by the Pamela Parker Birmingham Players. The playwright for this wonderful theatrical peace of art is Mrs. Pamela Parker. The Birmingham Players’ rendition of Second Samuel featured a cast and crew of around fourteen gifted individuals. Without a doubt, one of the most interesting of these characters is “B Flat” who is played by Mr. Wesley Glass, a UWA graduate and former pledge master of the theater honor society, Alpha Psi Omega.

Thursday night’s performance was open to the public with an admission price for adults and children but free to UWA students. The audience was a combination of members of the Sumter County Fine Arts Council, professors, and students, among them president of the university, Dr. Richard Holland and Provost Dr. David Taylor. Students in attendance were compelled with laughter at the comedic elements of characters such as Frisk, played by David Coker, or his wife Omaha Nebraska Madison, played by Dianne Daniels.

The play opens up with B Flat describing his hometown of Second Samuel and all the residents within. B Flat covers everyone from his best friend “U.S.” played by Ken Moorer to the local beautician, the aforementioned Omaha. B Flat relates how the small town is coming to grips with the death and loss of a beloved old lady named Mrs. Gertrude. Unbeknownst to the residents of the town, Mrs. Gertrude had a secret. This secret, once discovered, spreads like wild fire as does any piece of gossip in a small town.

If given the chance, students here at UWA should see Second Samuel as performed by the Birmingham Park Players. Those students from small towns will doubtlessly relate to the characters in the story and how they deal with people and things that are different. UWA students are encouraged to keep an eye out for future events brought to campus by the Sumter County Fine Arts Council. Anyone wishing to follow the Birmingham Park Players in their future endeavors can visit their webpage at http://www.bhamparkplayers.com.

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