Dating back 2,000 years ago from the day of the first human beings, there are many thingss humans have created from government to language to music.  If anyone stepped into a Xavier Rudd concert, they would be taken back in time to the indigenous tribes of Australia.

Rudd is an Australian singer, songwriter and instrumentalist who has made his way to the ears of the United States’ music realm.

He debuted in 2002 with his first album “To Let” and since then has made five more.  Rudd’s first album to hit the charts was “Solace.”

Rudd‘s music is a mix of rock, funk, Aboriginal folk music, reggae and jazz. His unique playing style cannot be found in any of America’s music today.

He plays multiple instruments including the electric guitar, banjos, trumpet, stomp box, harmonica, drums, bass guitar, percussion and an indigenous Australian instrument called the didgeridoo all at once.

Whenever a first time listener hears Rudd’s music, instantly his passion and spirit takes over the body. “He sings with compassion and love and it shines through in every song no matter what it’s about,” said music *blogcritic Richard Marcus.

Rudd’s music is not only meant for dancing and calmness, but inspirational to the mind and soul.  He speaks out in his songs about society especially of Australia’s issues on the mistreatment of the Aboriginals.

Rudd wants his music to inspire those to search for their own spirituality and to get away from the “me” mentality.

His songs also focus on environmentalism and humanity.  Rudd not only creates music about these issues, but portrays them on a daily basis.  He lives off the grid in Australia and is a true vegetarian.

Rudd’s latest album was released in 2012 called “Spirit Bird.”  He is on tour currently in Australia, but will head to the states in the near future.  He will be playing in the annual Hallowbaloo Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii then to the KCC Performing Arts Centre in Honolulu and then to Iao Theater in Maui.

“I’m excited and blessed to have the opportunity to come to the energetic powerhouse of Hawaii to share grooves and spirit,” Rudd said.

For tickets, songs and more information on Xavier Rudd’s go to <a href=””></a> .

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