There are ways to stay positive in every aspect of your life. Being positive can have a soothing effect on anyone at any time. Negativity causes bad relationships, bad tempers and bad attitudes. You are not being very productive if you are not seeing a product of your positivity manifesting around you. People around you will always take note of the way you act and present yourself. No one wants a bad reputation based on their attitude. Although being positive can be challenging with the different issues that we all face in life such as school, jobs and personal challenges, it is still possible. Here are some ways to stay positive and remember to be positive on a daily basis.

1. Be thankful for the life you are given

If you have a place to live, food to eat, family and friends you have a whole lot to be thankful for. There are many Americans who are not blessed with those advantages. As college students, we take for granted the education that we have previously earned and are currently pursuing. There are a lot of Americans who do not have high school diplomas, and have never thought about pursuing a college degree. We as college students should be thankful that we were able to graduate high school and further our educations. Everyone has different health issues, but if you are healthy with no problems you have a lot to be thankful for as well. People who are sick wish they were not, and that is a reason to be grateful when you are healthy every day.

2. Do something good and keep it to yourself

Have you ever done something good for someone and kept it a secret? Was it more fulfilling internally than it would’ve been if you had told the person you did it for them? There is a self satisfaction that you will receive from knowing to yourself that you did something to help someone else. It could be as simple as paying for someone’s meal at a restaurant or cutting your neighbors yard while they are away at work. You will immediately feel better about yourself. Then you will see that you gave and received positive energy from your deed.

3.  Forgive people who hurt you

It is not easy for anyone to forgive someone who has hurt them, but it is possible. Forgiveness is a key component to knowing how to have a God-like love. When you forgive, you take the burden of being angry or bitter about a situation you can not change away. Once you forgive those that hurt you, it will make you feel better about yourself for being the bigger person. Opting to hold a grudge only leads to bitterness on your part.

4. Compliment someone

How do you feel when someone tells you that you look great today or they love something that you have on? It makes you feel good doesn’t it? Well, you should do that same thing for someone else. Give them a compliment and make their day. It is simple, free, and not hard to do at all. You will feel good because you did for someone else.


Smiles are contagious and effective. If you want someone to smile at you, smile at them. When you are down, stand in front of a mirror and smile. Choose a smile that you like the most, and that is the smile you want to show to everyone you see. Even if the person is looking as if they having a bad day, smile at them. To show that you are a positive individual and wish to have a positive day smiling is the way. Smiling leaves a lasting first impression.

There are so many more ways to be positive on a daily basis, but these are a few very important ones. All you have to do is smile at people, do good deeds privately, be thankful, compliment people, and forgive everyone. If you practice these tips on everyday you will become a positive person with a positive attitude and the world will take note of it.

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