In college there’s one inevitable part of life that we will all encounter no matter our major, what classes we take or where on campus we live. We will encounter people, and we will have to decide whether or not we want to make friends. After about three or four weeks in college, we have scoped the crowd and found the people we would want build relationships with. Once you make friends you have to be a good friend to make it last. There are a few things that you need to do be a good friend once you make a friend.

1. Be trustworthy

Everyone wants to have a friend that they can trust and tell anything. If you are not trustworthy you won’t make or keep any friends. It is easy to keep the secrets of a friend when you have respect for the relationship. Friendships strive on mutuality. If you expect your friend to keep your secrets and the things you say to themselves, you must honestly do the same.

2. Respect Their Time Alone

Every person needs alone time. When you have a lot of friends and acquaintances  that’s not the easiest thing to find. If you live on campus, it is likely that you will have a roommate which takes away from your alone time. Good friends tend to want their friend’s undivided attention, but it is not always possible. People are busy and sometimes cant talk to their friends 24/7. As a good friend, you have to be able to accept that you both have completely different schedules and find a way to compromise.

3. Give Positive Criticism

When you spend a lot of time with someone you start to notice the good, the bad and the ugly about that person.  A good friend offers encouragement, criticism and advice. Encouragement and advice is needed when bad situations come around and you need a friend. There are also situations where your friend does something wrong, and as a friend you have to be the one who tells them it was wrong. If your friend does something that you personally don’t like, but is not detrimental to their well being, don’t approach them with negative criticism. Negative criticism can be taken the wrong and easily cause you to fight with your friend.

4. Make Up After  A Fight

Many friendships end because of a fight that is never mended. If you fight with your friend, talk about it until it is solved. Even if the conclusion of the conversation means that you can’t be friends any longer, at least you know you talked about it. Sometimes certain situations are not as forgivable as others. You and your friend have to be responsible enough to assess the depth of your argument, and whether or not it is worth losing your friendship.

5. Do Things You Both Like To Do

No one ever wants to always do what another person wants to do. Another part of friendship is compromise. You have to do things that your friend enjoys as well as things that you enjoy. If you want an enjoyable friendship, you must try to enjoy what your friend enjoys. That will add more fun and adventure to your friendship. Every friend should bring something new to the table.

I believe these tips on how to be a good friend are very easy to follow. Everyone knows how their friendships work, and these are just ways to keep it strong.  You must be a trustworthy friend, do things you both enjoy doing, make up after every fight, respect their alone time and give positive criticism. Hopefully these ways of being a good friend will help you keep the friends you have and will make.

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