College can be a challenging time in every student’s life. We experience late nights followed by early mornings preparing for class. When I say challenging I don’t mean simply academically, college can be challenging when adjusting to life on campus or even off campus. The little appliances that were once available to you at home are left there. What are you to do? If you are a Pinterest addict or you love DIY (Do It Yourself) projects then you will be no stranger to life hacks. A life hack is any shortcut, trick, or skill that cause you to be productive and efficient with everyday issues in a way that was not obvious at first. Here are a few college life hacks that will more than likely make living on and off campus easier with the materials you already own.

1. Make coffee with no coffee maker

As a college student, you are up late at night studying and waking up early for morning classes. What is understood does not need to be explained. You NEED coffee. Unless you are one of those people who actually enjoys early mornings, you are more than likely awake wishing you had some energy in a cup. This is how you can make coffee in your dorm room without a coffee maker. There are a few ways to complete this task, but the filter method is easier for someone in a dorm room with limited resources. The materials you will need are hot water, coffee grounds, a coffee filter, string or a twist tie, and a coffee mug. First you will need to put two tablespoons of coffee into the filter and tie the filter at the top to resemble a tea bag. Fill your coffee mug with hot water and place your coffee filled filter in the mug. After you have finished those steps you have to let the mug sit for three to four minutes. Then remove the coffee bag, and you will have your own personal cup of coffee. This should get you energized for your eight o’clock class.

2. Make eggs in a mug in a microwave

Every morning is not an early one for every college student, and that leaves possibility for a morning without breakfast. When you feel like you will not be able to make it to the cafeteria for breakfast, you can try this life hack. This is how you make scrambled eggs in the microwave. You will need two eggs, butter, milk, a bowl, salt and pepper, a fork, and a microwave. First you grease the bowl with a tablespoon of butter to prevent the eggs from sticking to the bowl while cooking. Crack both eggs into the bowl and mix in a tablespoon of milk and whisk it with the fork. Put the bowl in the microwave for one minute then when it is finished stir the mix again to combine the cooked eggs with the liquid eggs. After that microwave the eggs every 30 seconds, and in between check to see if they are completely cooked. After you see that your eggs have cooked thoroughly they will be ready to eat.

3. Reheat Pizza

Pizza is good, but it’s not good when it is left over and the crust gets hard and chewy after reheating. There are ways to keep your left over pizza crust from getting too hard to chew. The way to do is by simply placing a cup of water in the microwave with the pizza. The water will cause humidity in the microwave, and it will keep the crust from getting hard and chewy.

4. Amplify your alarm volume

Do you often over sleep because you didn’t hear you alarm or the fifteen minute snooze? Here’s a way to make sure you wake up on time for your eight o’clock class. The only things you will need to make this happen is a glass cup and your cell phone. After you set your alarm on your phone to wake you up the next morning place it in a glass cup. This method will not be a pleasant way to wake, because the alarm sound will be magnified tremendously, but you will not over sleep. Also it will help wake you up because you will not be able to turn the alarm off. Once you reach down into the glass to turn off the loud alarm, you will be very awake.

5. Instant Air Freshener

Living with a roommate can get a little smelly at times, and something simple that you already have can change that. I believe that everyone does laundry on and off campus and that means you have laundry dryer sheets. They are the sheets of wonderful smells that you add into your dryer and it makes your clothes smell wonderful. Dryer sheets can also make your dorm room smell good. All you have to do is tape a dryer sheet directly over your blowing air conditioner. Your dorm room will smell completely fresh after a few ours of blowing the scent of your dryer sheets through the room.

These simple college life hacks can be a tremendous help while on campus and off campus. If you use them effectively your life will become amazingly simple. Whether it is making breakfast in the morning without electronics like a coffee maker or a stove, the life hacks above will allow you to have coffee and eggs in mug. You now have a way to reheat your left over pizza in the microwave with just a cup of water and still have fresh crust instead of the chewy, rubbery crust as usual. Along with all of those hacks you can also definitely use the glass cup alarm system to make sure you are awake in the morning and the dryer sheet refresher to make sure your room smells like flowers. I hope these life hacks help in some way.




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