For the first time in The University of West Alabama’s history, the yearbook, known as Paragon, will be digital. One benefit of the new digital yearbook is that there will be no student fee. In the spring, the printing of Paragon will be made public, and all those who want to order may do so.

Organizations also have the ability to add and personalize their own section at the end of the yearbook. Once the fee has been paid for their section, it will be added to the back of Paragon and sold to members of the group. Prices for the University’s publication or any added sections have yet to be determined but will be available in the near future.

Up until two years ago, students paid a fee to for the yearbook’s production. Because of decline of student interest, however, Paragon was disbanded as it was deemed to not be a cost effective activity for the University or the students.

In the recent absence of the yearbook, important events were recorded in the University’s alumni magazine, UWA Today. However, despite a number of events being recorded, many groups and organizations have been left out, such as clubs and honors societies.

Fortunately, a company that is expected to remedy that situation has been found. With the company’s help, Paragon will be better equipped to archive major events and organizations. The yearbook will also focus on more previously mentioned topics rather than the traditional sections, such as individual student pictures. During its run, Paragon was created with the efforts of a student staff consisting of an editor, a section staff, photographers, and an advisor.

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