The University of West Alabama’s department of fine arts put on an outstanding production of Eric Coble’s “The Dead Guy.” The play ran nightly from Oct. 16-17 in the Hunt Annex black box theater on the UWA campus. This year’s black box play featured a cast that produced beyond satisfactory work. The audience was engaged the whole time as they watched the life and behavior of the main character, Eldon Phelps, played by Andy McElroy, begin to change with the influence of the almighty dollar. McElroy kept the audience entertained throughout the play, whether he was partying it up at Disneyland or helping sick children at the hospital.

Not only was the audience entertained by Andy McElroy but by the other actors as well. Gordon Warner’s character, Virgil Phelps, became a quick favorite because of his clumsiness and absentmindedness. Whitney Nelson provided a sense of security as the security guard for the Disneyland theme park where McElroy took a trip to blow some of the cash he was awarded with his friends or airport hookers. Rebekah Beckham played the love interest in this story as Christy Moline, the love of Eldon Phelps’ life. Martell Pearson was also a comical character in this production as he portrayed the role of Leon the male nurse and one of Eldon Phelps’ “airport Hookers.”

The cast and crew of UWA’s production of “The Dead Guy” were all satisfied and overwhelmed with the success and attendance of the production. When asked if he felt “The Dead Guy” was a success, Martell Pearson responded with: “Yes. I felt the production challenged not only the actors but the audience to use its imagination. You come away wondering if you would have taken the deal knowing the cost that you had to pay.” If you were unable to attend the fine art’s department production of “The Dead Guy,” be sure to attend future events such as the annual Christmas concert on December 6 at 7 p.m. in the Bibb Graves Auditorium.

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