The University of West Alabama has gone through many changes over recent years. None may be bigger than that which is taking place at the Homer Fieldhouse. Since the fall it has been the universities goal to expand on its current athletic training room. This project is taking positive steps, especially. When campus expansion ramps up there seems to be no better place to add to than one of the schools biggest programs.

Physical steps in building the new offices and rooms has been started and everything is looking good according to Graduate Assistant athletic trainer Matt Skare.

“It is going good,” Skare said. “We have walls up and the second floor is poured with concrete.”

So many may ask what the significance of a new athletic training would be. It is important to grow as a university in the programs that you are known for. A new training room allows for more space, equipment and better learning areas for students. It does not just help students but staff and faculty as well. It allows them to have more space to have offices and keep things better organized Skare says.

“There will be new offices for all full time employees and one office for all the graduate assistants,” Skare said. “Right now there is one office for 8 or 9 people to operate out of so things can get quite crammed sometimes.”

Athletes are also going to reap the benefits of a new facility. Easier access and more space is a good thing for them too. It will hopefully allow for faster more efficient treatment. Underestimating the overall time and efficiency, especially in this field would be a mistake. It is important to be timely and effective in this area of study.

The addition of the facility with allow the school to establish itself within not only the region but hopefully within the nation. That would be a huge step in the right direction for a university not exactly in a metropolis. To have a new facility it is quite a big deal.

With new expansion also hopefully brings an increased enrollment which could help the universities financial growth as well. More students can mean more money and even more growth. With all the expansion over the recent years, UWA has shown it is not content to remain the same. It is a positive step for the university and current and future students.

“A roof is the next step,” Skare said. “I am very excited about the growth of this university.”

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