As the University of West Alabama grows its student body, the ability to house these students becomes difficult.

On campus, there are six main housing buildings for students: Hoover, Reed, Selden, Stickney, Gilbert and Patterson.

Gilbert was built in 2012, becoming UWA’s freshmen dorm. Freshmen are required to live on campus in Gilbert, causing the upperclassmen to move out and find off campus living arrangements or to stay in one of the on-campus buildings.

Finding a place to live off of UWA’s campus has become drastically more difficult throughout the past years due to the little options that students have. A rise in enrollment on campus causes more students to move off campus, which results in some not being able to find a place to stay.

The majority of upperclassman that find an off-campus house tend to stay at that location for the remainder of their time at UWA. This becomes an issues because off campus housing is not opening up for newer students to move off campus.

As this becomes a more prevalent issue, the influx of enrollment in the upcoming years will cause the university to look into building an on-campus housing area. Although a large portion of students are freshmen, the upperclassmen are the ones struggling with living arrangements. Freshmen come in with a place to stay in Gilbert or in another facility because they are required to live on campus.

Building another location for our upperclassman who have already given their time and money to the school shows that they are wanting to stay here for a degree and therefore, should be given better living arrangements than what they have now.

Not only will this please our upperclassman with better living arrangements, but it will also keep our students here instead of transferring to another school. Keeping our students here will allow for a better campus and could potentially boost the student morale. Building a better campus life enriches the college experience that every students strives for.

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