Spring Break is approaching and while it may be too late to start your Spring Break diet, it isn’t too late to make Spring Break plans. Here are a few options students have when it comes to finding something to do March 25-April 2:

Head to the beach.

Whether it be for the sun, the sand or the sangrias, the beach is definitely the most popular destination among college students.

If you are planning to drink alcohol on the beach, you might want to make sure it’s allowed. The cities of Gulf Shores, Ala. Panama City Beach, Fla. And Daytona Beach, Fla. have banned alcohol on their beaches during the Spring Break season.

If you still need to find a room, www.vrbo.com is a great website to use. Make sure you read the rental agreement, however. Many condo owners do not rent to those under the age of 25.

Hit the slopes.

While snow isn’t a thing for us Southerners—especially in late March—it still is for those in the North. Change it up this year by grabbing some skis and hitting the slopes.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a popular destination among college students and they are hosting the World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb March 23-26.

Another popular destination is Breckenridge, Colorado. Make sure you check out Breckenridge.com to check out all the cool events they are hosting during “Spring Fever.” For the LBGT community, Breck Pride will take place March 22-26. And did I mention that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado?

Discover Alabama.

Don’t have a lot of cash? Don’t worry! There are plenty of things to do right in your back yard! No matter if you are an Alabama resident, or an international student stuck in the States for the break, there are dozens of places within driving distance right here in Alabama that you can visit.
http://alabama.travel/road-trips is a great website that lists all sorts of road trips you can take to see the main sights Alabama has to offer.

If your piggy bank can’t quite fund a Spring Break getaway or your parents are demanding that you finally come home, there are plenty of other options to fill your free time such as:

Catching up on homework

Everyone knows that one professor that assigns a 10-page essay due the Monday that classes start back. Instead of procrastinating, work on it each day throughout the week so you can relax that weekend. If you are lucky and do not have an assignment, get ahead in your classes and maybe even start preparing for your final exams.


Spring Break is the perfect time to give back to your community. Volunteermatch.org is a great website that lists organizations close to you looking for volunteers.

Applying for jobs

For seniors, Spring Break means the “glory days” are coming to an end. Graduation is right around the corner and that means finding a way to financially support yourself is inevitable. Spend your week revamping your resume, creating a LinkedIn profile, and brushing up on your interviewing skills.

Relaxing and recharging

If all else fails, just relaxing is always an option for Spring Break. Catch up on your favorite Netflix series or the newest bestseller. You can even meet up with some old friends from back home. Finals are coming up and for seniors, so is graduation. Take this week and recharge your mind and body. We all know the chance to relax will be nonexistent once classes start back.

Safe travels, and if not, happy napping!

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