Many freshmen at universities struggle with eating healthy, particularly in their dorms. Why? Freshman tend to go for the easier options such as chips, pizza, and fried foods. In college, it is easy to eat poorly when the cafeteria offers greasy pastas, casseroles, and ice cream. Also, with so many food choices given at the same time, it causes people to want to have one of everything. But what if you could eat healthy all the time in your dorm room? Then maybe the “freshman 15” could become a myth and students would be able to maintain the body size that they came to college with. Here are some healthy food options that can help you to beat the “freshman 15” right from your dorm room!

Items you will need

First things first, you are going to have to do some digging through your piggy bank and purchase a toaster and a blender so that you can make homemade meals.

Food replacements for Unhealthy foods:



It’s morning and you’re looking for a healthy choice for breakfast. You love bread and adore butter, but are trying to look after your figure. Instead of having toast with loads of butter, replace those options with wheat toast, avocado, hummus and cucumbers. Avocado is a good fat, meaning it carries 20 vitamins and minerals. By adding the hummus and cucumbers, you will stay hydrated and get your protein in for the morning.


For Lunch say goodbye to going to the cafeteria for “Fried Chicken Wednesday” and enjoy Caprese avocado toast. For this, you will need a toaster, tomatoes, caprese cheese, sour dough toast, avocado and a vinegar sauce. Put together, this meal gives you all the right nutrients while satisfying your belly. As for a refreshing snack, try freezing blueberries dipped in yogurt. Lemons could be added for an intake of vitamin C to help fight infection.


At dinner instead of enjoying a full hearty pasta, enjoy spaghetti squash! It’s easy to make and it’s low in calories. All you have to do is go to your local grocery store to purchase squash then bring it back to your dorm. Cut the squash in half then sit warm it in the microwave until the middle is soft enough for you to use a fork to shred out the spaghetti. If you want to add some flavor, add some oregano or any of your favorite pasta sauces.

Late Night Snacks

Ever have late night cravings but Grille Works is already closed? Have no fear and pull out that blender and make a banana, peanut butter, and kale smoothie. Or even better, open a bag of Smartfood gluten free cheddar popcorn. Sometimes, the healthiest foods taste the best gluten free!


STAY AWAY FROM SUGARY SODAS. The main reasons freshmen tend to have acne is due to all the sugar that’s in the sodas they drink. Instead, try infused water. All you need is different types of fruits that you can easily grab from the cafe and just add some water. Not only is this drink refreshing, it also helps with weight loss.

*All of these items can be purchased at your local grocery stores.

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