The Alabama Shakespeare festival is once again returning to Montgomery and the University of West Alabama will be participating and offering special services to those interested. Shakespeare is one of, if not the, the most recognized names in performing arts history. This is a chance for the University of West Alabama students to visit a historical theatre and take in a great play all in the same day.
The Alabama Shakespeare festival is located in Montgomery at a regional theatre that puts on close to ten productions a season. It was in 1972 that Martin Platt wanted to bring theatre to Alabama. It was from this that the Shakespeare festival came about. Platt was the artistic director for well over a decade. If it was not for one man’s vision, this festival would not be possible. The theatre is fully professional and offers a variety of shows and performances that offered as musicals, Broadway shows and American classics. This theatre also provides a service called Schoolfest which is a program based around matinee plays for school aged children to come and enjoy. The theatre operates year round.
This year, the University of West Alabama is getting involved in the festivities. Through UWA students will have access and transportation to Montgomery to partake in one of the plays being put on by the theatre. Transportation will leave Livingston and head to Montgomery to allow students to view “The Great Gatsby.” It is a famous play about a self-made millionaire. The play runs Jan. 31st until Feb. 16th and will not return until May. The transportation is made possible by the Chi Omicron Chapter of Tau Delta, which is an English honors society at the university level.
The vans will leave the University of West Alabama campus on Feb. 15th, a Saturday at 9 a.m. The show is set for 2 p.m. in Montgomery. The transportation service will stop at Jason’s Deli in Montgomery for lunch before arriving at the theatre for the show. The vans will drive back to Livingston following the play and transportation is free. The UWA student will be responsible for the price of the ticket which will be $29 and the cost of their lunch at the deli. Anyone interested should contact Lesa Shaul at to inquire about tickets to this event. The University of West Alabama looks forward to a great day of events and a historical play at one of the most well recognized theatre in the southeast region.

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