The University of West Alabama’s Student Government Association kicks off the new tradition of “painting the paws” on Feb. 27.

Any organization, college or department on campus may purchase one of the previously painted paws found on Wise Loop. On April 22, all participants will be able to repaint and personalize their assigned paw.

“With the purchase of the paws, it gives organizations, departments and colleges the ability to express themselves and take ownership of something that will be seen regularly. Right now, most organizations lack something on campus that is soley theirs. Through this new tradition, we are giving organizations the opportunity to have that,” said SGA President Hunter Winborne.

Paws can be purchased beginning on Feb. 27 through April 14 for $50 per organization. Groups are limited to one paw a piece. Paws will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis beginning at the stadium, so potential participants are encouraged to claim their paw quickly.

“In hopes of enhancing the skills of future leaders of UWA, all contributions will go towards the betterment of the Leadership Expedition. This is an event held prior to fall semester for all interested incoming freshman that teaches early leadership skills. The money will help ensure highly qualified speakers to train future leaders of UWA,” said Winborne.

SGA encourages organizations to personalize their paw in a way that truly represents them. Regarding restrictions, they will not allow any profanity, offensive signs/language or inappropriate content. Failure to follow restrictions will result in the repainting of the paw to its original red color.

“The paws will be painted on April 22. Since the paws are on the road, some parts of the road must shut down, so there will be a specific time when they will be painted. More information will be released on a later date,” said Winborne.

Each group is expected to provide their own paint. SGA is currently researching the most sufficient type of paint and will announce the specifications when established.

Repainting will take place each spring semester, so groups will be allowed to update their paw yearly. All participants must renew their ownership of their paw each year for $50.

All organizations, departments, or colleges interested in purchasing a paw should contact SGA President Hunter Winborne at or Byron Thetford at Checks should be written to the University of West Alabama and turned in to the Student Life office located in the Student Union Building.

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