The University of West Alabama’s Student Government Association recently held a debate regarding the university’s yearly exam schedule policies. The meeting was led by SGA’s vice president, Jonathan Knox.

The debate was over whether the school should add a “study day” to the exam schedule. Currently, the school semester ends on a Thursday, with exams beginning on the following Friday.

Before any action can be taken, the following questions must be addressed.

“Is this an issue that could positively affect the student experience?”

“Do students want this?”

According to the SGA representatives, students have voiced their opinions on a desire for a change. Ideally, students would prefer an extra day at the end of the semester to study for their exams.

“You can’t make just one change and it not affect everything else. What are the consequences we can live with and what changes are most beneficial to the students?” said Co-Chair of the Faculty Senate for the exam schedule, Dr. William Nevin. Nevin is also the English and Integrated Marketing Communications representative on the Faculty Senate, as well as the Muse supervisor.

At the moment, the Faculty Senate is working on two possible changes to the exam schedule:

The first possible change would be to end classes on the Thursday at the end of the semester, and push the beginning of exams back to the following Monday. The main drawback for this change is that it may conflict with UWA’s “live” diploma process.

A “live” diploma is UWA’s current policy where students get their diploma on commencement day. This means students actually receive their diploma on the day they officially graduate.

The second possible change would be to end classes on the last Wednesday of the semester and continue to begin exams on the following Friday. This would keep the “live” diploma policy intact, but poses the issue of how to make-up the Thursday class. However, a possible fix for that situation would be to move Assessment Day from a random Tuesday, to the last Thursday of the semester. However, not every department would approve of moving Assessment Day, as it would pose its own certain issues.

“I don’t know whether anything will change, but from my perspective, this is a change that the students are in favor of. So I am willing to explore any and all possibilities to make this happen,” Nevin said.

“If there is any change to UWA’s exam schedule, it would most certainly not take effect until several years down the road,” Nevin added, when asked about when to expect a possible change.

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