On Monday, Sept. 18, the general Board of Trustees held a meeting to discuss whether the University should move forward with a new on-campus residence hall for upperclassmen.

Jeremy Sheffield, Assistant Director of Housing at UWA, says [Housing] has started putting three or four residents to a room, and students feel this is unfair.

But, Sheffield says they have a plan.

“I can tell you the University’s goal is to open a new building by fall 2019. The Board is going to vote on the location on whether we could or couldn’t do something there. Once they say yes, we are going to move forward with an architect. What we’ll do is create a committee. It will  include people in housing, people in IT, people from the business office, it’ll probably be 5-to-7 people.”

The university is proposing a 250-bed facility on the north end of campus.

“The north end of campus will be our best bet so we will be able to add plenty of parking, and enough space. Now granted, that does add a little more walking for students; but walking, riding a bike, riding a skateboard, we promote that because we want to be a walking-friendly campus.

Sheffield also says they plan to expand parking for students and faculty.

“If we do build a new facility, clearly we will add parking. We are not just going to build a building and add zero parking spaces.”

The university is also looking for something students can afford.

“I think if we were to offer more affordable, on campus housing, that students actually enjoyed living in, we would experience a higher retention rate and more people would stay and more people would graduate from UWA.”

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