VH1’s new reality competition show has its viewers seeing double. Twinning is a new show where 12 sets of twins put their “twin-tuition” to the test.

$222, 222.22 is the grand prize these twins hope to win at the end of twin challenges and “twin offs”.

The twins are split into the blue team and green team and are not allowed to see their twin until they win a challenge.

The teams also live in separate blue and green houses, ironically any drama happening in one house is usually happening in the other.

Five sets of twins are still in the running for the prize. This week the twins competed in the double down challenge, where twins are on a giant teeter-totter trying to collect tennis balls without seeing each other.

The two “twinners” were Li and Ji, and Kamila and Kristina. The “twinners” get to see their twin for the night and decide who goes to compete in the “twin off.”

The twins use strategy to win the competition and be the last set of twins standing. The “twinners” decide to send the strongest twins to the “twin off.”

Spencer and Skyler and Shawn and Claire were sent to the “twin off” to test their twin-tuition. Spencer and Skyler were sent home after failing to get five correct answers in the competition. Shawn and Claire have another opportunity to fight for the grand prize.

To keep up with “Twinning” tune into VH1 on Wednesdays at Watch Twinning on VH1 on Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

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