The University of West Alabama Tigers took on the Delta State Statesman for one of their last home games of the season.

Going into this game, Captain, Marcel Moorer had a few motivational words for his team’s expectations. “As a team we always want to come out strong at the start of the game,” Moorer said, “This game hits home for us seniors because we know that it is our last chance to play on the team again as brothers. I just hope that we go out there and win our last two games of the season.”

The Tigers started off the first period with zero intensity. They lacked confidence to get on the ball, and struggled to put points up on the board. As a team, their defense could not compare to the Statesman, and basket by basket, the Tigers began to fall behind, without scoring within the first 8 minutes of the game. Moorer came in the game and made a difference in the Tigers defense, and had several blocks .

The Tigers fell short at the beginning of the 2nd half. Their shots were not consistent and they could not connect passes together as a team. The Statesmen held the lead for the entire game. In the final five minutes of the half, the Tigers woke up and had an unbelievable come back. They battled back from a 10-point deficit, and came within four points of the Statesmen’s lead.

The Tigers worked together in the last minutes, and connected passes. Gavin Robinson swooped in and put up two significant dunks for the Tigers, to help bring them to a score of 63-66, Statesman still leading.

Although the Tigers worked hard to come back in the end, it just was not enough. The final score of the game was 67-73, Statesmen taking home a victory over the Tigers.

“It just was not our day and we did not come out the way we intended to, but I am still proud of my team for the hard work we put into the final minutes of the game,” junior Gavin Robinson said.

The Tigers will play in their final game this Saturday, Feb. 23rd. This is a special day for the Seniors because not only is it their last game to play college basketball, but it is their senior night as well. The Tigers will be graduating three of their players this weekend. That will include Marcel Moorer, Jahmal Lane, and Billy Ingram. Game time is set for 4p.m.

Photo by Joe Chance

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