On Oct. 19, 2013, the Tigers suffered their second loss of the season against Midwestern State at Memorial Stadium with a final score of 45-21. UWA’s offensive yards were lower than their average game, which was a total of 293 yards. Coach Hall handled the loss to Midwestern state with class when interviewed after the game. “We are humiliated. I am humiliated. I am 100 percent at fault for what happened here tonight,” he said. “We got outplayed and we got out-coached. It’s my fault. We were not ready to play. I take full responsibility for it. We really just got the dog crap beat out of us. Hats off to Midwestern State and head coach Bill Maskill. They whipped us in every phase.”Halfway through the first quarter, Midwestern State scored the first touchdown after a successful pass of forty six yards. Wide receiver Chad Toocheck gave UWA their first six points on the score board after catching a four yard pass from junior quarterback, Kyle Caldwell. The Mustangs held the lead during halftime with a score of 28-7.

Senior Quarterback, Gary Johnston, ran in UWA’S second touchdown in third quarter and Reggie Hall ran in a thirty-one yard touchdown near the end of the fourth quarter.

Kicker Mark Grant was three-for-three for all of his field goal kicks.

Unfortunately, long snapper Matt Humphries suffered a few broken ribs and an ACL tear. Even though he is done for the season, Humphries isn’t allowing his injury to keep him down or lose faith in his team. He sent out a tweet thanking the fans and his teammates for the caring response to his injuries “I’ll bounce back from this no worries. Thanks for the support from my awesome teammates. Much love y’all. #AIE”

AIE stands for “Attitude is Everything,” which is a motto Coach Hall and the rest of the coaching staff are sure to drive home to the UWA Tigers. The Tigers use this motto in life and for football. They may have suffered a loss and an injured player, but they will come back with a positive and determined attitude to continue on their journey to the ring.

UWA will push their efforts as a team to the fullest as they take on Western Georgia this upcoming Saturday at Tiger Stadium at 6 p.m. Be sure to pack the stands and support the Tigers as they play their last few games of season, which will determine their chances for the playoffs.

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