Watching “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” requires one to be willing to experience something strange, something “out-there.” The plot to the movie is confusing, and the visuals can leave one wondering what they just saw over and over again.

The movie starts out with a newly engaged couple lost and with a flat tire in Ohio. Looking for a telephone, they enter a castle where they discover an “Annual Transylvania Convention.”

Shortly after, Dr. Frank N. Furter pulls them into his strange world, declaring himself a “sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania”

From there, Dr. Frank does such things as bringing a muscleman named Rocky to life, seducing both the husband and wife separately using the same lines, and killing a biker with an ice pick.

Overall, the movie suffers from a weak plot. While the characters have quite a lot of personality to them, the near-constant musical numbers prevent an interesting story from being made. One such example of this is when there was a series of back-to-back songs with only a couple lines of dialogue between each one.

Though the songs were mostly nice, there is such a concept as too much of a good thing.

Overall, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” can be entertaining if you like things that are meant to be “out there.” However, you might need to just let go of everything and go along for the ride to get some enjoyment out of it.

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