West Alabama men’s tennis team stretched their winning streak last week after claiming victories over Morehouse College, Stillman and Tuskegee University, all at the Vaughn Tennis Center in Livingston, Ala.
Seniors Anton Ivanov, Simon Bardell, Kike Ruiz, and Nestor Vargas won their singles matches against Morehouse College.
Freshman Caspar Schuetze won his singles match with a 6-0 and 6-1.
“We started strong, taking all three doubles,” said Ruiz. “We were very motivated to take this win no matter how difficult our opponent [Morehouse] was. It was the only way to continue our positive record.”
The Tigers finished their day with an overall 8-1 win over Morehouse.
Stillman traveled to the Tigers’ court only to head home with a 9-0 shut out by West Alabama.
Ruiz, Drysdale, Bardell, Schuetze, Vargas and Ivanov won their singles matches.
Drysdal/Ivanov (8-3), Bardel/Michaela Grossmann (8-2) and Ruiz/Vargas (8-3) finished their doubles matches with a clean sweep over Stillman.
“Coach Riley has done a great job putting together a good Stillman squad,” UWA head coach Glen Fanelli said. “We played well. We were ready to play, and I am proud of our effort and patience.”
West Alabama’s hype and success carried over to the Tigers’ next two matches against Tuskegee on Saturday.
Freshman Logan Boone won his singles match with an 8-4 victory in his first and second match.
Ruiz/ Vargas (8-4), Ivanov/ Schuetze (8-3) and Adam Drysdale/Boone were paired together for the first game, adding their wins to clean sweep.
Head coach Fanelli switched up the pairs for the second match: Ivanov/ Drysdale ( 8-0), Vargas/ Schuetze (8-0) and Ruiz/Boone (8-4).
“This win gave us the belief that we have a strong and motivated team which is looking to perform our highest potential,” says Ruiz.
Both matches were a clean sweep for the Tigers. At the end of the day, UWA walked away with a 9-0 victory in the first match and a 6-0 victory in the second.
After their home victories, UWA now holds an overall record 9-1. The Tigers will take on Lee University this Friday 1 p.m. at home court.

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