At the start of every semester, students at the University of West Alabama receive $100 Tiger Bucks and $250 Dining Dollars.

Tiger Bucks can be used for washing clothes on campus, at certain gas stations around Livingston and grocery stores, where Dinning Dollars can only be used around campus.

I feel, as well as many other students, that we should get more Tiger Bucks because they can be used at more places than Dinning Dollars and because students start to run out of Tiger Bucks towards the middle of the semester.

Students who live off campus would also benefit more Tiger Bucks. They may not need it for washing but they need it for gas and groceries from month to month and having more Tiger Bucks could make a huge difference. It is the middle of the semester and there are several on-campus and off-campus students who only have a few dollars left in Tiger Bucks or none at all. Students on campus still have two months left of school and are not able to wash clothes unless their parents will put more money on their Tiger Card or they have to travel home every weekend to wash clothes.

Washing clothes on campus costs one dollar to wash and one dollar to dry. While Hoover and Gilbert residents can use their Tiger Card to wash, all of the other dorm residents have to use quarters. The university should make it where every housing facility should allows its residents to use their Tiger Card to wash, because finding quarters and or washing at a friends is very inconvenient.

Washers should be updated for students who live in Patterson, Reed, and Selden. A quarter machine that students could enter their tiger card and receive quarters, so that they are able to wash just like everyone else who stays on campus.

Students are always complaining that their Tiger Bucks and Dining Dollars do not roll over after the spring semester. We should be able to get that money back since we have already paid for it with our tuition instead of it just going away, or keep letting it roll over until a student graduates.

The university should take in consideration of how students feel about Tiger Bucks and Dinning Dollars and the washing machines and try to accommodate them as best as possible.

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