“Son of God” is a film detailing the life of Jesus Christ. The goes from beginning to end illustrating the events of this legends life.


It is needless to say that the legacy of Jesus is enormous to say the least and capturing it on film is impossible. However, more than one brave writer has tried to do just that.


“Son of God” is a feature film, adapted from Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s miniseries “The Bible”. Directed by Christopher Spencer, we take a look into what Jesus may have experienced.


The film begins with Jesus’s birth. As the story progresses, we see many of the miracles he performed, like the feeding of the multitude and the raising of Lazarus from the dead.


The final scenes are of the death and resurrection of Jesus himself. While I applaud the attempt, this telling of the Jesus story was woefully plagued with inaccuracies. One such was the way in which the feeding of the multitude was portrayed.


Some of the most important words were excluded from the story as well. To illustrate, when Jesus came walking on the water Peter said “Lord, if it be you bid me come to thee on the water”. This important expression of Peter’s trust in Jesus was not heard.


Beyond that, Pilot never told the high priest that he washed his hands of Jesus and the innocent man’s blood would be on the hands of the priest. This is extremely important in portraying the Roman governor. Another iconic scene I as a viewer missed was the host of angels that appeared to the shepherds. I understand that some things had to be left out but that is a staple of the story.


I could have passed the inaccuracies off if the film had been entertaining. Charlton Heston’s “Prince of Egypt” was not completely biblical but it is a classic. This film, on the other hand, is not even that. The action is mind bogglingly slow and the attempts to build suspense are laughable.


So much more of the story could have been told if so much time hadn’t been wasted on useless efforts at drama. “Son of God” was adapted from an exciting documentary, but what is an exciting documentary doesn’t mean a good feature film.


The acting and dialogue made the nature of the film painfully obvious and boring. Furthermore, the lack of creativity in this process astounds me. Nobody even came up with an original script. I hate to say it, but this film looks more and more like a play or money more than a dramatization of Jesus’s life.


There were times during the show I caught myself drifting of, and I had to make an effort to bring myself back to the film. It saddens me to say that about a presentation centered on a man who single handedly founded one of the three largest religions.


The influences of Jesus are still felt, and the movement he began is still spreading and growing. Yet, we are left with such a weak dramatization to represent him. For the Christian audience, it is too inaccurate. For the non-Christian audience, it is not in any way an entertaining piece. I do not recommend seeing this movie.


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