President of the Student Government Association said he wants to make big changes on the University of West Alabama’s campus and allow opinions to be heard at the first SGA meeting on Monday.

On Monday, August 29, the first official SGA meeting was held in the Student Union building. President Hunter Winborne introduced the new SGA Executive Council and plans for the new year.

“I’m really excited about the new council”, said Winborne. “Our goal is for students to be more involved on campus. We really want to see an increase in school spirit and let their opinions be heard.”

As president, he said he wants to make a powerful impact on the student body. Winborne has been President of SGA for over two weeks and he will continue out his position for one school year.

“I want the school spirit to improve dramatically because it was so low when I was a freshman at UWA. My ultimate goal is to get the students to do something that matters”, said Winborne. He said he hopes to see an increase in student involvement, as well as being able to address student concerns and needs throughout the year. Winborne said his other goal is to get students to speak up and voice their thoughts to ultimately improve UWA’s campus.

Winborne said he has hopes that SGA can be a bigger presence on campus this year. They have already implemented changes they discussed in meetings over the summer break. One of the changes made was raising the grade point average requirements from a 2.0 to a 2.75 to be a SGA senator of an on campus organization.

Other changes include senator attendance at meetings. The old attendance policy for senators required that they attend all weekly meetings at 5:00 p.m. in the Tiger’s Den of the Student Union Building. for the semester. If a senator had more than two absences, then they lose the privilege of receiving money from SGA for their own on campus organization.

The new attendance policy requires all senators be at the first meeting of the month and can have no more than two absences to receive funding. Winborne said he and the EC hope to have increased attention from the senators by changing the attendance policy.

Winborne said they also combined two positions into one that resulted in a Public Relations Chair. This position is held by Allie Tittle, Integrated Marketing Communications major.

“We really needed an IMC major to be in the PR positon because they have the capabilities to run social media platforms, design flyers, plan events, etc.”, said Winborne. “The two positions we combined were not being used to their full potential and by making it into one PR chair we feel that everyone can benefit from the change”.

By making these changes, Winborne said he hopes to improve SGA and the satisfaction of the student body. He said he wants SGA to be a tool that can be used by the students to implement goals and ideas.

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