As ‘Sausage Party’ opens, one is almost immediately greeted with a rapid barrage of swearing and a musical number about gods. This sets the tone for much of the movie. Defying expectations, the movie provides deep thoughts on religious faiths while still providing the incredibly immature, but outrageously funny jokes about men’s genitals one might have originally come to the movie for.

Starting out, the main character, a sausage named Frank, believes the humans shopping at the super market to be gods, like all the other food products there. Singing songs about the humans and “The Great Beyond” that lies outside the store’s doors, the food products hope to be purchased and taken by “the gods.” However, a jar of honey mustard is returned to store, ranting about the horrors of The Great Beyond that everyone dismisses as just being crazy.

Frank, along with his girlfriend, a hot dog bun named Brenda, a Jewish bagel, and a Middle Eastern lavash, are knocked out of the cart they were in. Having doubts about the honey mustard’s words, Frank sets out to seek answers in the liquor aisle from a character named Firewater that supposedly knows about The Great Beyond. As Frank speaks with Firewater, the rest of his group is lead astray to be killed by the movie’s main villain. There, they encounter a lesbian taco that leads the trio to safety. With encouragement from a Twinkie, Frank decides to set out and discover the truth beyond the store’s frozen section. Eventually, Frank and all the other food items discover the truth about the humans and are horrified by knowing that the humans they called gods actually just want to eat them. At the end of the movie, an incredible and extensive scene takes place that those of a very conservative mindset, if you’ve even made it that far in the movie, might want to cover their eyes at. However, for those who are just enjoying the ride, prepare for a wonderful, long laugh as it all unfolds.

In a strange way, the movie is reminiscent of the movie ‘Toy Story’ as inanimate objects in our daily lives are brought to life and giving us their perspective. This idea is then supported with the occasional cut to a human’s view of the food, just rolling off the counter as they desperately try to run. However, ‘Toy Story’ did not exactly have a series of sex-based jokes or faces being peeled off, so don’t expect it to be exactly the same.

With a well-crafted look into religion and repressed sexuality, broken up by delightful silliness and a strange, opposite view on how our food feels when we eat it, ‘Sausage Party’ is definitely and excellent movie with a wide appeal for many different audiences. However, for anyone thinking of bringing children to see this movie, assuming it is a cute cartoon for the whole family, there will need to be a lot of explaining to do about sex and God once the movie is over.

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