Next week is Spring Break, and everyone is waiting anxiously to leave campus and head to the nearest beach. The break is needed after a long three months of hard work in the classrooms for the Spring semester. There are many ways to have a safe and inexpensive spring break. Everyone wants to travel with friends during this week and it is very important that we save money, be safe and have as much fun as possible at the same time. The tips below are easy to follow when it comes to planning a safe and inexpensive spring break.

Ways to Have an Inexpensive Spring Break


1. Travel In Groups

Traveling with friends can be a lot more fun and also cut down on price. You don’t have to be a Mathematics major to know that the more friends you plan the trip with, the smaller the amount of money each friend will pay to go on the trip. Just for fun, let’s do some math! If you have two friends going on the trip and the total cost for travel and hotel expenses is $1000 that would leave each person to pay $500 each. Now let’s take the same expenses and split them between four friends. It automatically changes the prices from $500 per person to $250 per person. Which is much more affordable for any college student. Even beyond the fact that traveling with a group can be less expensive, being with all of your friends will help create memories that will last a lifetime.

 2. Be Open Minded

If you are planning a Spring Break trip with friends it is very important to keep an open mind. There are endless opportunities to visit many destinations and to have many activities once you reach your destination. I suggest your friend group meet and each put a destination and activity in a bowl to pull from. This way everybody has equal probability of their dream vacation happening for spring break. After picking a place to go and things to do be sure you are absolutely sure that it will work for everyone before you rent cars, secure hotel rooms, or book flights. You never want to secure plans while unsure, because it can cause you to lose money.

3. Use Coupon and Promo Codes

I learned that no matter the product, the restaurant, or the store there is ALWAYS a coupon to use for a discount. Everything literally has a coupon or promo code and a way to save on any purchases you may have to make for spring break. There are even coupons with discounts for hotels and condos, which will make it easier to have a low price to split between your friends. Clothes are also important for spring break every girl knows that. So while you are shopping online remember that there is a coupon and promo code some where online.

4. Have A Short Trip

Just because we have an entire week for Spring Break does not mean your trip has to be seven to ten days long. We have to remember that spring break is not only for vacation, but it is also is a time for us to sit back, relax, and recap on the semester. Take a short three or four day vacation. The prices will be smaller and you will also have more time to relax at home before you come back to campus.

Ways to Have A Safe Spring Break

1.  Always Use The Buddy System

It sounds like an elementary concept, but it can help protect and save you and your friends from danger. If you are with a group of friends it is important and simple to make sure your friend is always near and never alone. The point of the buddy system is to have one friend or all of your friends around you in a familiar space. If your friend needs to go to the restroom go with your friend. When you are in another state or out of the country for spring break there is a higher level of danger than it would be if you were in a familiar place. I believe the buddy system is the most effective travel safety measure, because the point of spring break is to be friends.

2. Inform Your Other Friends and Family

It is important for you to let your family and other close friends know where you are going and who you are going. No matter how far or how close to home you are going to travel for spring break you must let people know. I don’t believe it is the best idea to tell everyone on your social media networks where and when you are going. Your family needs to know so that your places can be secured. Also, in case of an emergency your family needs to know where you are so that they can get to you if they need to for any reason.

3. Know Where You Are

Keep the Global Positioning System on your phone at all times. It is important for you to always know where you are and where you are going. Whether you are taking taxi cabs or driving your own cars around the town. It is not a good idea to get lost in a different state or country, so be very careful to stay aware of where you are and where you are going.

I hope these tips for having a safe and inexpensive spring break are effective. They are simple to stay safe in a different state or country. Always keep GPS or maps available when you are going places, and inform your friends and family who are not on the trip of where you are going. Last but not least on the safety list for spring break is to be sure to use the buddy system when you go out for your daily activities. Remember to use coupon codes and promo codes when planning your vacation, plan a short trip, and travel as a group to cut down on prices. Most importantly this spring break be open minded, safe, and have fun creating lifetime memories with your friends.

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